Unfortunately the application has not yet been optimised for mobile devices. This is planned for future work.
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Version 1.1.2

This application is part of a research study looking at improving how we access our cultural heritage online. As part of this work, we would like to learn how people interact with cultural heritage online and for this we need your consent to store your interactions with the application. See details...

If you activate contributing your interactions, then the following information will be sent to the server: which rooms you select on the left, which items you look at, how you scroll around the site, the browser you use, the device you use the browser on, and a completely random identifier. From the data we collect it is impossible to re-identify you. The data will then be used to improve applications for accessing cultural heritage online, for academic publication, and will in its annonymised form be made available to future research projects.

To contribute your interactions, click on the switch on the right. Your choice is saved in your browser and never transmitted to the server, so we don't even know if you decide not to share, but we are very greatful if you do.